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How To Create A Customer Avatar

When you are selling a product/service online, you need to connect with your audience on a deep emotional level.

How do you connect with your people if you don’t even know who your perfect customer is?

Without your ideal customer avatar, your whole marketing would be dry and generic; it will be missing that punch.

What this means is you’ll attract fewer leads, your message will be confusing and you might attract customers who are not a fit for your product.

“The Aim of marketing is to know and understand the client so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.”
– Peter Druker

Before creating a single piece of content or investing in marketing, you need to know who your perfect customer is.

The customer avatar is an idealized representation of your perfect customer.

In a perfect scenario, your perfect customer discovers you, loves your free content, easily buys your product/service, and the whole process is harmonious and enjoyable.

Our goal here is to find out the traits of that perfect customer.

So you can get your message in front of people with those traits.

The whole idea here is to only work with people who want you/your product in the first place.

Trust me, there are lots of people who need your product/service right now; you just need to know where to look.

The good thing is once you know “The Who” you will figure out “The Where”.

But first, you need to know who your perfect customer is, and for that, you need to do the exercise in this post.

After doing the exercise, you will understand your customers at a whole new level.

You will connect with them on a deeper emotional level.

Said another way, your marketing message will hit your target market on a deep gut level.

Once you have created your perfect customer avatar, it will represent your whole audience.

Every piece of your marketing will be made while keeping your perfect customer in mind – your pitch, your email series, your blog post – everything will be speaking directly to him/her.

When you do this, you will magnetize yourself to your perfect customers while repelling the ones who are not a perfect fit for what you are offering.

Now, I hear some of you saying, but I don’t want to repel anybody!

Trust me, not getting paid is not the worst part of being an entrepreneur, it is working with the wrong ones.

The wrong customers will suck your blood and leave your soul dry.

It is especially important to have an avatar when you are trying to sell to someone on the Internet because the Internet is a massive impersonal space.

You can’t empathize with a person while reading her email or while reading a forum post if you don’t understand her on a deep emotional level.

By creating an avatar, you will give her a face; you will be able to understand her and read between the lines.

When she says No to buy your program, you will know what might be going on in her mind.

You need to know what her objections, doubts, fears, and aspirations are, and design your marketing in a way that calms her negative emotions and evokes positive emotions.

When a client feels that your product/program is made just for her, she is sold.

Creating your perfect customer avatar will give you a competitive advantage and will increase your selling ability up to ten times.

I first learned this exercise from the guru of gurus, Eben Pagan.

I later read many more variations of this exercise, and I know that almost every successful entrepreneur is at least subconsciously aware of her perfect client.

So are you ready to craft your client avatar?

Here are all the fields you need to complete to create a perfect client avatar:
Interests and lifestyle:
Social class:
His/Her picture
What tangible result is she looking for?
What do you need to say to make her buy?
What is she afraid of?
What keeps her up at night?
What she secretly daydreams of?
What are her hopes and aspiration?
Who are your best success stories? What was different about them then others?
Finally, find someone who you feel represents your perfect customer, attach his/her picture to your Perfect customer avatar sheet and give her a name.

Now you need to go into the research mode.
Of course, some of the fields you fill in will be guesses; but don’t let that stop you.

Just get it out on the paper.

You can improve it later on.

Go to forums, join Facebook groups, focus on conversations happening around you; interview people in your niche, observe them, and you should have sufficient info to craft your first draft.

If you already know someone who has the traits of your perfect customer, just attach her picture to your perfect client avatar sheet.

When I started blogging I would imagine my friend Nick and would write only for him.

He had all the traits of my perfect client.

Now suppose your customer avatar/perfect client’s name is Bob – every one of your marketing pieces will be written for Bob.

Every time you create a content piece you’ll ask yourself will Bob find it helpful?

If the answer is yes, only then you create that piece of content.

After creating an avatar, you can laser target your message around solving Bob’s biggest problem in the context of what you do.

Remember, your job is not to try to turn non-buyers into buyers – instead, it’s to find people who need what you have, and sell to them.

I hope this post will help you take your next step towards building a successful online business.

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