Affiliate Program for the Teach And Be Rich Summit

What Is The Teach And Be Rich Summit?

The Teach And Be Rich Summit is an online event that teaches proven strategies to turn your knowledge into a digital course and profit from it.

Attendees will learn from 31 experts including the world’s best course creation experts, successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders who will transform the way you think about profiting from your knowledge and skills.

What You'll Be Promoting

You’ll be offering your audience free tickets to the Teach And Be Rich Summit – an offer converting extremely well. 

Attendees with a free pass get access to all 31 speaker sessions for 24 hours each. 

It’s the best of two worlds! 

You promote a really valuable, free offer, but with lots of opportunities to make commission.

How You'll Make Money?

The below products will be offered on the backend before, and during, the free summit.

How to get on the leaderboard?

Follow this winning formula

House Rules

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